What You Need To Learn About The NASA Hybrid Pillow

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What you are seeing now is a NASA Hybrid Pillow. Its name is the SIMBA Hybrid Pillow. Many would ask, what is the purpose of such pillow?

The Hybrid Pillow Specs

The answer is that this pillow was scientifically engineered to provide you with the most ergonomic night’s sleep. It comes with a temperature regulator to keep your head’s temperature balanced.

It also comes with a height adjuster to keep your neck, head and spine free from aches.

The SIMBA Hybrid Pillow is perfectly responsive to adapt to your sleeping position.

The responsiveness was developed and bettered by the Nanotube technology in order to make your night’s sleep adjustable and favourised.

The key comfort about this hybrid pillow is the OUTLAST material. This material is paired with a layer of soft duck down. This technology works to keep your body temperature regulated and the down makes your pillow feel luxurious.

Another key comfort added to this pillow is the premium 300 thread count Jacquard Cotton and the smart microfiber.

The SIMBA Hybrid Pillow comes in a single size that is 50x75cm

Many reviews point out the customer’s satisfaction with the mattress and with the comfort that the pillow provides.

This hybrid pillow is expensive, but it is surely revolutionary.


So this innovation has come to create a new market that has a scientific basis and the contribution to provide quality pillows. For it is a NASA pillow, it must have been something that we should be reassured of its existence. All the specs that we cited within this article indicate that science is necessary to correct old habits and old technologies.

These old technologies were pretty hard to develop due to the lack of innovation and trivialities around developing better pillows.

Check www.simbasleep.com to get your hand on the product.