Melissa and Doug Kitchen Play Set! Pots and Pans Review

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Melissa and Doug Kitchen Play Set! Pots and Pans



Melissa & Doug is a company that had been founded over 25 years ago. Back and ever since that time, the company has been consistently delivering innovative products while maintaining high quality, excellent service, product safety and value for money.

The Melissa and Doug Kitchen Play Set includes Stainless Steel Pots and Pans Pretend Play Kitchen Set for Kids and Stir and Serve Cooking Utensils. In the section below, we are going to discuss the feature, pros and cons of Melissa & Doug Stainless Steel cookware.


Included in this Melissa and Doug Kitchen Play Set are a colander and three pans. They got interchangeable lids that are made of shiny stainless steel and well sized.

You are free to store the Melissa and Doug Kitchen Play Set tidily on a handy storage rack whenever you close your kitchen.

The Melissa and Doug stainless steel pots and pans feature knobs and handles that come with robust riveted joints. They are not going to get weaker and wear away as welded or glued pieces do.

These lustrous pots and pans have particular sizes for children for more realism. This combination is certain to lend kids a proud feeling of ‘working’ within their pretend-play kitchen spaces. As they are encouraging inventive play as they drum up yummy fantasy meals.

All of the pieces on this set have really lofty standards. Their riveted handles hold fast, and chunky stainless steel endures many and many years of continuous play.

The incorporated storage racks, which is spacy, allow children to have a feeling as if they are real pros. At that time, it is an enjoyable problem resolving and test of memory task. With the numerous “right” ways of stacking and hanging the pans, pots, tools, and lids, it is a brilliant set!

This set of play pots and pans features wooden spoons. You can now stir up a yummy dish within the play kitchen of yours.

This is a genuine top shelf collection! Stainless steel material has a buffed up mirror finish. It makes toy pots and pans for toddlers appear realistic. Moreover, all the pieces are dishwasher safe.

Its Riveted handles as well as knobs facilitate the transferring of pans from your play stove to your play counter..

Hence you can see how the product is so useful. Hence you would like to buy the product then click here.


  • To get a fantasy meal for your pals and members of your family is a real easy job. With the use of the Melissa & Doug Stainless Steel Pots and Pans, it is rather realistically enjoyable. They feature an extensive diversity of playtime kitchenware to pick from.
  • The credit goes entirely to the Melissa and Doug pots and pans set. They are being fashioned out of buffed up, stainless steel that you are going to feel just similar to mom/ dad even as you act as if you are sautéing, browning, frying and boiling in the toy kitchen of yours.
  • Upon the completion of your meal, you can easily hang as well as stack this toy pots and pans set on the storage rack. The Melissa and Doug pots and pans‘ pack is going to surely include it.
  • The Melissa and Doug cooking set also lets you enjoy a few hours of problem-resolving/ memory challenge. This play pots and pans set allow this by offering you diverse ways of sorting every single piece that adds to your enjoyment.


  • A few reviews point out that this pretend play pots and pans set is somewhat costly. However that is more than made up for by its durability and unquestionable quality.

All of you who purchase the Melissa and Doug Kitchen Play Set can make your playtime more entertaining by buying the Melissa & Doug Stir and Serve Cooking Utensils. This set, whose Amazon price $12.99, adds to professionalism to the Melissa and Doug stainless steel pots! It has six well-built utensils, fashioned out of wood and stainless steel. It also come liberally with a size for presenting the tiny chefs with a delightfully realistic effect. The set also includes a metallic holder for storing the six utensils into following playtime!

The best place to get this play pots and pans set is at Amazon, where its price is an incredible $17.96, 20% off its original price.  Amazon also does not charge anything extra for shopping the set right to your doorstep.


As you can see, the Melissa and Doug Kitchen Play Set presents you with a great deal to make your playtime enjoyable, entertaining, and realistic. It also serves as a great memory-sharpening tool. Considering all of its traits, it is a great buy. The time to hesitate is over. You can get the set right now to breathe life into your playtime. Well, to be honest, this amazing toy set would be a great option for your kid. So what are you waiting for buy it to day and enjoy playing with this toy.

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